Kiker Resource Management

Wildlife Management Consulting

Today, many landowners acquire land with the idea of managing it as a forest investment and for outdoor recreation. KRM specializes in working with private and corporate landowners to enhance wildlife habitat and improve the outdoor recreation potential of their forest and land resources. It has been one of our company’s goals over the last 10 years to demonstrate to our clients how closely related wildlife management and forest management activities are. Wildlife management consulting is provided to landowners for the purpose of benefiting white-tailed deer, wild turkey, bob-white quail, morning dove, and waterfowl habitat, along with numerous other non-game species.

Experience and Expertise

KRM currently oversees the wildlife habitat management activities on over 11,000 acres of private landholdings and hunting preserves, as well as over 80,000 acres of corporate landholdings. All of these landholdings have a primary management objective to continuously improve wildlife habitat. This involves combining the proper forest management activities with the additional wildlife habitat improvements, such as quality vegetation management and wildlife food plots. Our wildlife management specialists have over 40 years of combined experience managing and manipulating forest resources to benefit wildlife habitat.
KRM also practices Quality Vegetation Management (QVM).  Jason Kiker is a QVM Certified Advisor and abides by a set of principles that create and sustain healthy habitats through professional, ethical and responsible practices.

Wildlife Habitat Management

Management of habitat is critical to the success of wildlife management. KRM has extensive experience managing wildlife habitat. This experience ranges from intensive management of white-tailed deer, turkey or quail habitat, to other small game or non game habitat.
  • Native vegetation enhancement
  • Wildlife and timber stand improvement
  • Development of hunting areas/rigs
  • Installation of wildlife travel and feeding areas
Wildlife food plots can be an important part of a wildlife management program. Successful food plots are those that benefit wildlife by providing preferred, highly nutritious supplemental forage at times of the year when wildlife need them most. KRM will design, create, and manage wildlife food plots for the landowner.
  • Wildlife food plot design, installation, planting and management
  • Low quality vegetation control
  • Weed control program
  • Planting recommendations

KRM also helps real estate investment groups, companies, and individuals enhance outdoor recreational opportunities on properties to improve recreational usage and/or re-sale value. KRM is fully equipped and uses proven wildlife management technology and information to enhance the value of the property for the recreational user.