Kiker Resource Management

Timber Sale List

Sales 1 to 15 of 160
Tract Name
Sale date
Sale type
Huntley Tract Anson, NC 10/28/14 Lump sum Clearcut 23
SOLD SC8 Tract Marlboro, SC 10/02/14 Unit sale Thinning 424
SOLD Red Bug Tract Anson, NC 09/30/14 Lump sum Clearcut 18
SOLD Still Tract Anson, NC 08/28/14 Lump sum Clearcut 66
SOLD Seago Tract Anson, NC 08/14/14 Lump sum Clearcut 52
SOLD Black Tract Anson, NC 08/12/14 Lump sum Clearcut 36
SOLD Southerland Tract Union, NC 08/07/14 Lump sum Clearcut 34
SOLD Yarbrough Tract Union, NC 07/31/14 Lump sum Clearcut 94
SOLD OTH Tract Montgomery, NC 07/10/14 325
SOLD Melinda Helms Tract Union, NC 06/24/14 Lump sum Clearcut 38
SOLD Watson Tract Chesterfield, SC 05/22/14 Unit sale Thinning 96
SOLD Leak Tract Anson, NC 04/10/14 Lump sum Clearcut 117
SOLD Buchanan Tract 251ac Richmond, NC 04/15/14 Unit sale Thinning 252
SOLD Buchanan Tract 271ac Anson, NC 03/13/14 Unit sale Thinning 271
SOLD Goff Tract Lancaster, SC 02/25/14 Unit sale Thinning 61